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Day of the Girl Norwich is two and a half already, oh how time flies! It feels like it was just yesterday the UN announced that it was recognising the day, aiming to “raise awareness of the situation of girls around the world” for all UN Member States and international organisations as well as civil society. It feels like only yesterday we sat down for a chat and thought, ‘Hey! Norwich could do with joining in on the fun!’, and it feels like only yesterday that we sat down to write this blog post – oh, hang on, that was only yesterday.

Day of the Girl Norwich has grown so much since that first year and that’s in a large part because we (Tori and SarahDSCN0584) are so passionate about making sure everyone from across the community can be involved in som
e way. One of the reasons we’re so passionate about celebrating day of the girl both on the UN recognised day (October 11th), but also across the year, is because we fundamentally believe that girls matter, and at the moment girls are still getting a raw deal (they’re being disadvantaged not just because they’re female, but because they’re young and female).

It’s really easy to see why we need an International Day of the Girl when we consider these sobering facts:

And you just need to take a look at the inspiring things that the people we’ve met have said in our photo essay to see why getting people talking about girlhood is so important.


We have been so inspired by the things that young people have had to say about what it means to be a girl, and there have been so many highlights from the past couple of years. We have been humbled by the sheer enthusiasm for the project from the local community and we have spoken to so many different people, from all walks of life, who want to share their stories with us. Last year we had a schools symposium that we held in The Curve at The Forum alongside our exhibition, and it was wonderful to bring girls from the community together so that they could realise that they are not alone in experiencing the pressures of being young and female, to look  and act the ‘right’ way. If we’ve helped just a few girls gain strength through our activities, and helped a handful of people reflect on the issues that face girls – as well as celebrating how brilliant girls are – then we’ve achieve our goals.

We’ve got a really exciting calendar of events coming up in 2014, which will include more collaboration with schools from across the region, having a stall at the Royal Norfolk Show,  visiting schools to give assemblies and helping young people from across the world celebrate NORJAM 2014 – very exciting!!

Be sure to watch this space and follow us on Twitter for more information!

Over and out from Tori and Sarah at Girls HQ!

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