We’re all going on a summer holiday…Tori and Sarah get busy with the archives!

eafa 2

While October might seem an age away from the glorious burst of summer that we are having it is all systems go in Girl HQ at the moment so we thought we’d take a quick break from it all to do a quick update!

Back in April some of our lovely colleagues at UEA nominated the project for a Community Engagement Award – and we’re honoured to tell you that we won! This award means that Day of the Girl Norwich is doing a really good job of working outside of the University and contributing to the community in a great way – but only because of the wonderful support of so many other people and organisations such as the Schools we work with (Mulbarton Junior, Notre Dame, Norwich High, Ormiston Victory Academy, Cliff Park Ormiston Academy, Recreation Road Infants, Stoke Holy Cross Primary and Magdalen Gates), Norfolk Guides, Future Radio, our friends on the committee, and of course, the lovely people at The Forum in Norwich who really do go over and beyond to help us bring the event to life. Without your support and belief in the importance of girls’ rights we would never be where we are now – in the run up to number 3! Yikes!

This year we thought we’d try something new. Some of you might not know this but Norwich is very lucky to have an amazing film archive – based at the County Hall site near Trowse. EAFA, or the East Anglian Film Archive, to give it it’s full title, is a wonderous place, rammed full of all kinds of old films including lots of amateur films made in the early part of the 1900s. Neither of us are archivists so it was a fascinating chance to have a glimpse at the mysterious world of refrigerated vaults (designed to stop film from degrading) and old Steenbeck machines which would once have edited news reels and movies.

What took us to an archive on a sunny afternoon, you might be thinking? Well, Norwich is not only lucky to have an archive it also has a brilliant resource in Fusion, the public screens that are located in the Forum. One day, while having a leisurely meeting in our town based office of Cafe Bar Marzano, we struck upon a new idea – using Fusion to show archive footage of girls throughout history. Given Sarah’s background in film and television studies and Tori’s work as a media studies person it made perfect sense and so, with help from the wonderful Richard at Fusion, Sean and Clare at EAFA we began figuring out what we needed to do.



Fast forward a few weeks – Sarah and Tori are camped out in Sarah’s house trawling through the EAFA database for films about girls, and what gems we found! Our favourites included a little girl looking after her cat in 1901, girls from Yarmouth in the sixties talking about how they spend their pocket money, girls being allowed to wear trousers at school for the first time in the seventies, girls skydiving at Shipdham in the nineties and loads more of girls doing sports ranging from boxing to gymnastics, trampolining, skateboarding and football.

But until its time for you to enjoy these films at Fusion from the 6th of October we’ll leave you with the song that’s been helping us get through these days stuck inside

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