We’re delighted to bring you Megan Cooke’s review of The Suffragettes film. Megan is 10 1/2 and watched the film with her mum, Jackie.

Megan Cooke
Megan Cooke

“This film has a lot of lows, but one big positive message. It is about a 24 year old lady called Maud who gets involved, unwillingly at first, into suffragettes, encouraged by a courageous strong lady named violet. And from there, well let’s just say it has many downs. It does have some violence and the bit my mum warned me about was the hunger strike scene. I didn’t watch it, but it sounded pretty horrid. Also my mum cried during the film a lot too. I would not advise children under the age of ten to watch it. However, I am very grateful that I did watch it. I think all girls should watch it at some point during their young lives, and be inspired and grateful to those amazing women who took their lives for us. Imagine if they hadn’t done that! If your child is mature and over 10 they should watch it. I would rather watch it than not. One of my favourite films”. 
Stars *****. 5 out of 5.

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