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Join us for our workshops and talks!

We are super excited to announce that we will be running the following events at The Guildhall on Saturday and Sunday 10-11th October 2015.

Remember we will still be exhibiting lots of work created by young people from the community!

On Saturday we have the following events taking place…

Talks on Saturday

Workshops on Saturday

11.00 – 12.00

Ian Constance & Amy Pressland

Girls and Sport 

Ian is a sports coach and chairman of Norfolk Women and Girls Football League and Amy is a researcher on media representations of women in sport at the UEA. They will reflect on the challenges that girls face in the world of sport, and how we can get more girls involved.


Throw Like a Girl

In our first activity of the weekend we will be playing games, inventing new sports and thinking about how sportswomen are represented in the media? #likeagirl

13.00 – 14.00

Get Political! Norwich Feminist Network Activist Meeting

What changes in Norwich do you think would benefit women and girls? What would you ask your MP to do to bring about equality? What grassroots activities could we do?

13.00 – 14.30

Rosette Making

We will be learning how to make rosettes in the style of those worn by the Suffragettes.


Hayley Long

Being a Girlbeing-a-girl-hayley-long

Author Hayley Long will talk about writing her book on girlhood as well as giving a short reading from her book for us.


Creative Writing

Join us after Hayley’s talk as we take her advice and try to start writing our own book!

And then on Sunday the 11th, we have the following events:

Talks on Sunday

Workshops on Sunday

11.30 – 12.30

Richard Cvijetc

Norwich White Ribbon Campaign

The role of men in countering violence against women and gender inequality. Richard will discuss his work with White Ribbon Campaign and Norfolk Says No.


Confidence Building

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 12.35.29A range of creative workshops will encourage young people realise their worth and value.

13.30 – 14.30

 Sophie Elliott

Women in Publishing

Founder of feminist magazine Parallel, Sophie Elliott will discuss what its like to make a feminist publication and discuss her success in using kickstarter to fund her projects.

13.30 – 15.00

Zine Making

Join us as we make our own zines and take inspiration from the mobile zine library!

We hope that you agree with us that its going to be our BEST Day of the Girl yet!

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Day of the Girl Norwich was a hive of activity around International Women’s Day but the highlight was the GirlsRoarLive open mic night which took place on Saturday 7th March. Held in conjunction with our friends at The Wharf Academy we were joined by a number of local female artists who shared with us a range of songs, poems and spoken word pieces.

On the night 5 acts performed their work which included a range of original work as well as cover songs and spoken word. The acts, which included Erica Horton, Regal Escapee (Anna Carter), Melissa Jesney, Mide Sotubo and Kayleigh Watson entertained the audience with performances covering a range of eras, genres and styles. The event was made possible with the support of The Wharf Academy, a female-led music school who provided a beautiful space in the former medieval church of St Martin at Oak and with the technical support of Matt Watson who kindly offered his services as a sound engineer on the night. All who attended and took part agreed that the performances were inspiring and that the event was a fitting way of marking International Women’s Day celebrating the musical creativity of local women.Erica 3
erica horton Erica Horton
Kayleigh Watson 2

Kayleigh Watson


Melissa Jesney 2 Melissa Jesney
Mide, Erica, Kayleigh and Regal Escapee

L-R Mide Sotubo, Erica Horton, Kayleigh Watson, Regal Escapee


Mide Sotubo


Regal Escapee 1 Regal Escapee 2Regal Escapee

Day of the Girl Norwich at the Royal Norfolk Show!

As a couple of Norfolk girls, we were pleased as punch to be invited to the Royal Norfolk Show to engage with even more of you out there! Since partnering with the Girl Guides we’ve been really lucky to work with them and even more lucky to be asked to join their (ahem, award winning) stall at the show.

Along with the activities we also figured this would be a great reason to get some stickers printed up (we had 240 and all of them had been snapped up by sticker hungry youngsters Banneredby lunch on the second day) as well some HUMONGOUS bunting. It was a little too much for Tori:

We got there bright and early on that first Wednesday, to make sure that our stall was spick and span – not least because it wouldn’t be long before the show judges would be coming to assess the tent. We were delighted when the Guides/Scouts tent that were were part of was awarded the  Bonds Challenge Cup – given to the most effective exhibit by a charitable organisation. We were chuffed to bits for them, lots of hard work paid off.

We were warmly welcomed into the Guides tent and some Brownies were our first visitors, and it wasn’t long before our stall was buzzing.


We had lots of fun thinking about what activities we would do on the stall at back Girl HQ, deciding on empowerment bunting and self-esteem fortune tellers. The bunting would get people thinking about what it good about girls, or what some of the good things or bad things about being a girl are, meanwhile the fortune tellers would help the youngsters to reflect on the things that they liked about their lives with the aim of building self-confidence and body-confidence.

The fortune tellers were based on a Guides activity that counts towards their ‘Free Being Me’ badge, and so if you’d like to print one off at home and make one for yourself go ahead! Screen shot 2014-06-27 at 15.43.30You can find it by visiting this link and going to page 47. We asked people to write down four things they liked about their lives, and four things they liked about how they look. Lots of people, us included, found it hard to say what we liked about our looks and bodies. But at Day of the Girl Norwich we think its super important that we can have confidence in how we look, and can be able to find it ourselves, rather than looking to others for it. Our other activity, girl empowerment bunting was a way for everybody to get a chance to say what they liked about being a girl, or if they weren’t girls what they thought was good about girls, or maybe even some things that people thought was not very good about being a girl. We had loads of fun hearing what people had to say!

Over the course of the next few weeks we’ll be uploading pictures of these pieces of bunting onto our GirlsRoar twitter feed, so be sure to follow us to join in with the conversation!

Lots of our visitors were female, but what was great to see was a number of boys taking part. Our fortune teller activity was, we felt, especially important for boys. Many boys found it difficult to articulate what they liked about themselves, especially in terms of their bodies. We might sometimes forget that the focus we place on girls’ appearance might also make boys think that its ‘girly’ to think about their appearance, whereas we think its important that everyone has body confidence.

We had a brilliant time at the show and there are some people that we’d like to thank for making it such a great experience. The first is to Alice Flowers who was with us with both of the days and managed to have enough energy despite both being an overnight camper AND cart race competitor! Our daily volunteers, BJ Epstein, Erica Horton and Sanna Inthorn (all of whom got to enjoy their very first Royal Norfolk Show), thank you for all of your help. Lots of thanks to Girl Guiding (and the Scouts) for letting us be a part of your family for the two days of the show.  And of course, a BIG thank you to all of you that came to see us!

Over and out from some very tired women at Girl HQ!