Get Involved!

If you are a teacher or youth leader click here, if you are a young person looking to get involved then read on!

There are many ways that you can get involved in Day of the Girl Norwich either as an individual or as part of a school or community group.  Here’s a video which gives you some idea of what we’ve done in the past.

Throughout the year:

Girls Roar – click here for information on how to become part of our network

Girls Roar is a network of young people across Norfolk who form the basis of the activities and events for Day of the Girl Norwich. These groups define the agenda and the aims of what we do. The network contributes to the blog and online art sections and work alongside organisers to help make Day of the Girl Norwich a real success. We particularly encourage boys to be part of this network as well.

For more information email:


Contribute to our Blog

We are always looking for people to contribute to our blog. This can be in any form – you could write something or send in photographs, video work, reviews or any other kind of work

Get Creative

We welcome new contributions to the exhibition which takes place in The Forum, Norwich. Anyone can take part – we’ve worked with people as young as 2 in the past! The pieces of work can be in any format and from any subject area. The activity of creating something for the exhibition could be part of lesson plans or extra-curricular activities. Pieces of work could include, but are by no means limited to, poems, short stories, photographs, paintings or collages, short films. The work can be of any technical ability (i.e. photographs taken on phones would be absolutely fine).


Join in the discussion!

We will hosting some discussions and workshops to help you explore some of the challenges that girls face as well as ways in which girls have changed the world!



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