Information For Schools And Community Groups


Organisers are happy to come and run workshops or give assemblies about International Day of the Girl or anything around girlhood at any time. We have considerable experience working across school curricula and can create a session which responds to the individual requirements of the school. In the past we have held sessions in art and textiles classes, PSHE classes, media classes, literacy and English, and STEM subjects. We can offer interactive sessions either at the school or at UEA’s Norwich campus.

Day of The Girl Norwich: 2015
This year, International Day of the Girl falls on a Sunday and we’re planning a big celebration which will include a range of events and activities such as workshops, discussions and an art exhibition and would like young people to create pieces of work that can be part of this exhibition.


This year we are asking people to think about what girlhood means. Exhibition pieces could explore the challenges that girls face, the great things that girls can do as well as celebrate the women that inspire girls; we are hoping to have contributions from older women as well as younger people.
The pieces of work can be in any format and from any subject area. The activity of creating something for the exhibition could be part of lesson plans or extra-curricular activities. Pieces of work could include, but are by no means limited to, poems, short stories, photographs, paintings or collages, short films. The work can be of any technical ability (i.e. photographs taken on phones would be absolutely fine).
The exhibition and activity will provide an excellent opportunity for both the school and their students to be part of an international conversation about girls, and also give students the pride of knowing that their work is being exhibited in the local community.


If you would like to take part, express your interest, or ask questions about what we’re doing, please contact us in the first instance. Our email address is and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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